About Real Variety Radio

Blissful Harmonies: The Heartbeat of Real Variety Radio

Your station owner.

Welcome to Real Variety Radio, your sanctuary of blissful harmonies where waves of inspiration and melodies of joy reverberate through every broadcast. Ingeniously conceived and founded by the spirited Saylor Cooper, it’s a place where vibrant energy meets innovation, fostering a global community united in joy, empowerment, and transformation. Adding a charismatic touch to this initiative is Tyler Evans, our dedicated co-host, who lends his unique voice and innovative ideas, helping to propel our blissful venture forward with grace and verve. Together, we create a radio haven that’s not just a platform to enjoy a diverse array of music and enlightening talks, but also a vibrant hub where bliss meets inspiration and narratives of triumph ignite waves of positive change.

Our Genesis

In the beginning, our journey took flight as Right Eye Radio, a title conceived by a broadcast mentor during Saylor’s apprenticeship at a local radio station, a moniker that mirrored Saylor’s personal journey with partial blindness. As our vision broadened, so did our identity, transforming into Real Variety Radio to encapsulate our expanded mission: to bring a blissful blend of music, talk, and transformation to audiences worldwide

Mission Statement

At the heart of our dynamic initiative lies an unwavering commitment to be a beacon of empowerment and transformation for individuals across the globe. Through the blissful harmonies of Real Variety Radio, inspirational podcasts, impactful authorship, and compelling speaking engagements, we’ve woven a multifaceted platform where people from all walks of life converge to share stories of triumph over adversity, ignite inspiration, and instigate positive change.

As we forge ahead, embracing expansion and innovation, we are open to evolving into a commercial entity. We envision forming partnerships with like-minded sponsors and advertisers who resonate with our mission. This progression aims to amplify our reach, enhancing our ability to spread blissful waves of inspiration globally, fostering a culture of motivation and empowerment that transcends boundaries and encourages individuals to reach their fullest potential.


To be globally acknowledged as a transformative hub of empowering narratives that illuminate the path to positive change and blissful enrichment in individuals’ lives.

Core Values

  1. Inspiration Unveiled: We are a beacon of hope and inspiration, showcasing that anything is within reach with steadfast determination and blissful resilience.
  2. Cultivating Civility: Our community is a blissful garden where diversity thrives and respectful dialogue blossoms, fostering an environment where differing viewpoints are embraced, and disagreements resolved harmoniously.
  3. Kindness as a Guiding Light: Our collaborations are a testament to the power of unity, extending our hand to organizations eager to support our blissful mission.
  4. An Oasis of Honesty: Real Variety Radio is a sanctuary of authenticity, where individuals are encouraged to express themselves openly, celebrating the bliss found in true self-expression.
  5. Championing Ability: We stand as advocates for breaking down societal stereotypes and barriers related to disabilities, fostering an environment where abilities triumph, igniting a blissful revolution of potential realized.
  6. Reimagining Lives, One Story at a Time: Through the potent blend of blissful radio narratives, compelling podcasting, insightful authorship, and empowering speaking engagements, we reshape lives, sharing stories that spotlight the transformative journey from adversity to triumph, building a world where empowerment knows no bounds.

Join us at Real Variety Radio, and be a part of our blissful revolution, where waves of inspiration meet harmonious melodies, creating a symphony of positive change and joy.