About Real Variety Radio

Real Variety Radio plays the best variety around from all styles of music to informative talk. Founded by Saylor Cooper and co-hosted by Tyler Evans, it is a non-commercial internet radio station where you can listen and have fun by interacting with us during our live shows. We actually started out as Right Eye Radio of which that name came from a broadcast mentor of mine who I worked with while doing a broadcast apprenticeship at a local radio station where I live; he came up with that cool name since I am partially blind, my best vision is in my right eye. However, we ended up changing it to its current name to make the station more appealing to its current format.

Your station owner.


The Mission of Real Variety Radio is to Provide a space / platform through the medium of internet radio, where people from all walks of life can share their success stories of inspiration and overcoming adversity to provide good news and motivate others. We achieve this by reaching out to organizations such as non-profits whose purposes are to have a positive impact on society.


We are recognized by our audience as a source of uplifting stories that can change lives in positive ways.

Our core values
  • Who are we? We are a voice of hope and inspiration that can prove to the world by example that you can do anything you set your mind to.
  • Civility. We are a tolerant organization who does not judge, but accepts people regardless of their background. Unlike other major social media outlets who will sensor and blacklist just because of an opinion, we provide a platform where open dialog is welcome and if there are disagreements, we all disagree peacefully.
  • Kindness. We believe in helping others by means of welcoming any organizations who would be willing to sponsor our show.
  • Honesty. We believe this is a platform where no one must feel like they need to hide things by just holding them all inside. Every person should be honest and share what is on their mind.
  • Attitude of abilities over disabilities. We are an organization that believes in smashing stigma concerning disabilities. In other words, there are stereotypes such as blind people not being able to work just because they are blind whenever they can with the right tools and adaptations and the right attitude.