3 Easy Steps to Unlocking Your Unlimited Creative Powers in as Little as 30 Seconds or Less with Ny

Welcome to the latest episode of the Hope Without Sight podcast with your hosts Saylor Cooper and Tyler Evans. In this episode, we have a special guest, Ny from the Coffee Sips Tea podcast, known for her unique discussions on entrepreneurship, holistic healthcare, and creativity with a faith-based twist. Ny shares her personal challenges and how she has navigated through them, including moving, starting a podcast, and dealing with the pandemic. She also gives us a sneak peek into her upcoming book and delves into the use of AI technology in writing.

During our conversation, we took a moment to reminisce about the enjoyable time Ny had as a guest on our show. We discussed the upcoming cruise and our plans to connect with other podcasters. Ny mentioned a successful event she recently hosted and we were intrigued by her idea of turning our community into a giving community. The concept involves people contributing to charities, with the remaining funds benefiting our podcast. We believe in the importance of giving back and expressed our shared faith in God.

We also explored our backgrounds, with Ny being a transplant from New York City and Chicago. Ny emphasized the significance of taking time to rest and recharge, as well as the power of breathing and meditation in finding bliss. We spoke about our personal experiences with breathing exercises and invited our listeners to join us on a journey towards a more fulfilling life by texting “bliss” to a provided number. Additionally, we encouraged our listeners to sign up on our website to receive announcements and updates via text and email.

Furthermore, we discussed Ny’s role in helping people tap into their creative side in just 30 seconds through the coaching program she offers. By utilizing kingdom creative strategies and biblical applications, the program aims to unlock individuals’ creative potential and help them overcome mental blocks. We emphasized the goal of improving overall quality of life and assisting people in becoming their best selves.

Our podcast is designed to be lighthearted and entertaining, covering various topics and featuring inspirational guests such as Max Ivy. We firmly believe that everyone possesses creativity and unique gifts to share with the world. Taking inspiration from Jesus and his disciples, who were creative in their own ways, we encourage our listeners to find joy, laugh at themselves, and not take life too seriously. Our ultimate aim is to provide support to our listeners and remind them that they are never alone, no matter the struggles they face. We promote faith, positivity, and surrounding oneself with caring individuals.

As we wrapped up this episode of Help Without Sight, we expressed our gratitude to our listeners for tuning in. Our intention is for them to feel renewed, inspired, and encouraged to conquer the world. If they haven’t already, we kindly asked them to subscribe to our podcast on all platforms and share it with their loved ones. Until next time, we send our blessings to all.

About the Host:

Introducing Saylor Cooper, an accomplished author and a true inspiration. Despite facing the challenges of living with a disability, Saylor has fearlessly pursued his dreams and emerged as a beacon of motivation for others. His journey in entrepreneurship, alongside his trusted ally Tyler, has propelled him to extraordinary heights.

 At the core of Saylor’s mission lies an unwavering belief in the power of hard work and determination. As the creator and host of Real Variety Radio, Saylor has established a remarkable internet radio station that offers a diverse range of programming spanning every genre of music and shows. 

 Additionally, he has taken the helm of the Hope Without Sight Podcast, where he engages in thought-provoking interviews with individuals who have triumphed over adversity, becoming a source of inspiration to people around the globe.

Saylor’s ambitions extend far beyond his current accomplishments. He actively seeks opportunities to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and share their remarkable journeys at renowned networking events like Podapolooza and Speakers Playhouse. Through collaboration with speaking coaches, he is honing his skills to grace different stages and deliver his empowering message to diverse audiences.

But that is just the beginning of Saylor’s extraordinary aspirations. With plans to monetize his internet radio station and organize life coaching events, he aims to empower others in their pursuit of dreams. Furthermore, Saylor envisions a future filled with numerous literary works, including a captivating autobiography chronicling his own life and a collaborative masterpiece featuring the remarkable stories of his podcast guests.

Above all, Saylor’s ultimate goal is simple yet profound: he strives to demonstrate to individuals facing challenges that anything is possible when dreams are fueled by unwavering dedication and hard work. With Saylor blazing a trail of possibility, the potential for each and every one of us is boundless.

 Join Saylor Cooper on this remarkable journey of empowerment and achievement, and discover that the power to transform lives resides within us all.

To connect with Saylor and learn more about his inspiring work, please visit his E-business card here: https://ovou.me/livefasetiyacehe

About the Co-host:

Tyler Evans is an integral part of the entrepreneurial journey of his best friend and business partner, Saylor Cooper. Despite facing his own unique challenges, Tyler is determined to make a difference in the world through his hard work and unwavering dedication.

As an active participant in the day-to-day operations of Real Variety Radio, Tyler plays a crucial role in the success of the internet radio station that offers diverse programming from all genres of music and shows. He’s also a key contributor to the Hope Without Sight Podcast, where he helps to bring inspiring guests who have overcome adversity to the forefront.

Tyler’s passion for entrepreneurship is matched only by his love of networking. He enjoys attending events like Podapolooza and Speakers Playhouse, where he can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences. While Tyler may not have founded or created anything on his own just yet, he’s an important member of the team and his contributions to the venture are invaluable.

Looking to the future, Tyler shares Saylor’s vision of making a difference in people’s lives and inspiring others to pursue their dreams despite any challenges they may face. He’s excited about the possibility of monetizing the internet radio station and hosting life coaching events alongside Saylor to help others reach their full potential.

Tyler’s ultimate goal is to collaborate with Saylor on writing books that share their individual and joint experiences, including an autobiography about his own life. Together, they hope to demonstrate to the world that anything is possible if one has the courage to chase their dreams and put in the hard work necessary to achieve them. With Tyler’s unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit, there’s no doubt he’ll continue to make a positive impact on the world around him.

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