Linda Hunt Is Breaking Down Accessibility Barriers

Experiencing accessibility barriers in your daily life? Well, listen to Linda hunt who shares her experience of helping people overcome them through advocacy and leadership in many organizations.

About the Guest:

Linda Hunt is an Award-Winning Accessibility Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Podcaster. She is the CEO of Accessibility Solutions for an accessibility consulting firm that aids businesses and organizations to remedy barriers for persons with disabilities. Their mission is Making the World Accessible. Linda is a longtime Advocate for all things related to accessibility. Currently, she is the Treasurer of Citizens with Disabilities –Ontario.

A member of The Rick Hansen Foundation – Accessibility Professional Network. A Certified Community Champion on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and it’s Optional Protocol. Linda has more than 30 years of experience in senior management roles in the public, private and not-for profit sectors. She held several leadership positions with the Provincial & Federal Governments, private companies and is a former executive Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. In addition, Linda and her husband Greg have operated their own business Grelin Apparel Graphics for over 30 years.

About the Host:

I am Saylor Cooper, Owner of Real Variety Radio and host of the Hope Without Sight Podcast. I am from the Houston, Texas area and am legally blind which is one of the main reasons why I am hosting this show surrounding this topic , to inspire others by letting them know that they can live their best life and reach their highest potential.


About the Co-host:

 My name is Matthew Tyler Evans and I am from the Northeast Texas area. I am blind like Saylor is and we have the same retinal condition. I decided to join Saylor‘s podcast because I have a strong interest in teaming up with him and I think together, we can inspire the world with others with disabilities.

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