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Hope Without Sight Podcast cover featuring image of a sailboat in water with the words Hope Without Sight with Saylor and Tyler

The Purpose of this podcast is to inspire listeners that anyone can do anything they set their mind to, regardless of their circumstances or obstacles that may get in the way. This show will feature testimonies of those who have been at their lowest point in life and how they have climbed all the way to the top.


In this enlightening episode, we are joined by Reginald D. Sherman, a motivational, inspirational, spirituality, and leadership speaker, and the host of the globally recognized podcast, "Real Talk With Reginald D"
This episode contains discussions about childhood sexual trauma, which might be triggering for some listeners. We advise listener discretion and encourage you to prioritize your well-being while engaging with this content.
Shelley Fisher is a beacon of leadership and spirituality in her community. With a diverse background encompassing roles as a consultant, chaplain, professor, principal, and minister, Shelley shares profound insights drawn from her extensive experiences.
Guy and Irene Siverson, the heart and soul behind Graceful Touch Massage in Rapid City, SD. With a mission to connect with people's hearts through professional massage therapy, the couple has carved a niche in the wellness industry, garnering over 405 five-star reviews on Google.
Todd shares his inspiring journey of self-discovery and the steps he took to turn his life around, not only for himself but for his children and the people around him
EpisodeSummary:In this empowering episode, we are joined by the renowned workshop leader, energy healer, and sex and relationship coach, Rebekah Beneteau. With her rich experience and deep insights, Rebekah unveils the secrets to a more gratified relationship and fulfilling sex life. Tune in as we explore the transformative power of embracing authentic sexuality and the ... Read more