Hope Without Site Podcast

Hope Without Sight Podcast cover featuring image of a sailboat in water with the words Hope Without Sight with Saylor and Tyler

The Purpose of this podcast is to inspire listeners that anyone can do anything they set their mind to, regardless of their circumstances or obstacles that may get in the way. This show will feature testimonies of those who have been at their lowest point in life and how they have climbed all the way to the top.


Becca shares her story of how she went blind at 12 years of age due to a brain tumor. She shares the aftermath and how she dealt with it to adjust to life doing things differently. Becca tells her story of how she was able to escape from a 15-year illegal guardianship she should have never been in and how she felt after walking out of that courtroom in January 2012. Finally, she talks about the goals and aspirations she has for her bright future.
In this episode, A mother and son share their reason for why they started their podcast and its purpose. They share their own testimony of how they overcame their own challenges. Finally, They leave some well-rounded advice on how to live life to the fullest.
Meet the hosts, Saylor Cooper and Tyler Evans. Discover what Hope Without Sight is all about.